Hi guys!

This is the new me! (Avatar)  

I made this because, drawing is one of my cool hobby’s! Most of all probably one of my favourites. I’ve got my drawing liking from one of my parents he can draw really well when he wants to!

One of my favourite types to do is Anime (along with Mythology creatures, especially dragons) so Liking anime and having seen some anime people addition to that my friends (some of them) also draw anime!

You can probably see that the love hearts are actually not pink or red like usual love hearts look like. Did you think it was a colour I liked? YES. My favourite colour is blue! Preferably a light shade of blue like lavender blue, aqua or sky blue. I don’t rather know but, I came to enjoying the colour blue as my on the top preference for colours (if you want to know after comes: hot pink red, green? Well at the moment it can shift and slide to a different order after blue).

Here’s the app to make a drawing!

Search up doodle buddy in the App Store and draw. (You can also just use any app or screenshot to draw, so literally anything!)

bye guys! Hope you enjoyed, and safe wishes in quarantine! ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ

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